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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 21, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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swing and a lot of fingers are pointed at the people who ran martha coakley's campaign. a lot has been made about how independents voted for brown, but those independents think about it have always voted democratic. yesterday people who voted democratic their whole lives went for a republican conservative. what's with the shift up there? we begin with the victory by scott brown in massachusetts. we are joined by white house senior aide david axle rod. it's a big day in american politics. look at what the republicans are saying about what happened in massachusetts in that senate race yesterday. >> last night a shot was fired around this nation. a shot was fired saying no more business as usual in washington, d.c. >> you heard what the speaker said yesterday and what the majority leader said. we will find a way to push this
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over the line. it's that kind of arrogance that has the american people about ready to pull their hair out and throw every democrat out of here. >> the election in massachusetts for senator-elect brown was much about an election that rejected arrogance. much like david in his fight against goliath. >> wow. they seem to have their plan down. it's arrogance. arrogance was defeated in massachusetts yesterday. your take on what you learned yesterday. >> what i learn side what i learned to some degree november of 2008 and the two years i traveled the country with barack obama. that is that middle class people, hardworking people are being squeezed in many different ways. they have seen their jobs disappear and wages stagnant and expenses are growing and health care by the way has been growing
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exponentially. this is enormously aggravating when they look to washington and wall street. they see special interest here in this down and want people to fight for them. that's why we are here and we will continue that fight. we are the person in charge now and obviously we will become the focus of that aggravation. >> when you have a democratic candidate for the senate, martha coakley, much respected. she wishes she could argue to the left of president obama. she was for the public option no matter what along with the net roots with people on the progressive sides saying that things i would think the president would generally support. she was a classic democratic candidate. why was she walloped in a state voting for democrats as long as i can remember in senate and house races? >> i am not going to disparage senator coakley, but let's give credit to scott brown.
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he ran a great campaign and tapped into the sense on the part of everyday people that they are not getting a fair shake. and he spoke to it. i think that has a lot to do with it. he ran a great campaign. democrats were late to send up the flairs in responding to that challenge. there is no doubt that we have a lot of agitations and aggravation and how could we not? i told the president a year ago when we sat down and heard the forecast from the economic advisers and said we have great numbers. admire them now. a year from now they won't be this good. you can't govern from an economy like this. so many people are struggling and not as the person in charge bears some of that. we had to do difficult things to get the economy moving. the recovery package and
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stabilizing the bank and the auto industry. none of that was popular and we knew it, but the president did it because the consequences of not doing it would have been a larger catastrophe for the country. you pay a political price for that. it is important that for middle class people that they have leverage against insurance companies and we pursued health reform, but the long process, the long tedious process here in washington underscored people's worst sensibilities about the town. that i think was felt as well. there a lot of factors in here. we are obviously cognizant of them, but the most important thing we can do is move forward, fighting for people and fighting to create jobs and raise salaries and give people a fair shake in the economy. >> how do you shake this and it may be local, i know massachusetts politics and you know it, a lot was local and didn't like the party establishment and thought they
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had been around for too long. this arrogance tag and when democrats get accused of being "the insider"s and air gabt and being in with wall street, they have to own that populism and we are for the little guy. how did the republican guy with a truck grab from you, they grabbed jack kennedy from the democrats. he is riding around with jack kennedy's movie saying i'm like jack kennedy. how did he steal your bacon. it wasn't you. the democratic party. >> i agree with you. we were a little late to recognize the potency of his threat and he was a good candidate and he tapped into a lot of things, but let's talk about what's going on in this town. it's fine for folks in the republican party to stand up and say they will stand up for the little guy, but it matters what you do. if we fight, for example, to put a fee on banks to get all the
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money back from the t.a.r.p. program that they started to stabilize the system, we respected nought their time of need and they're doing well and ought to give the money back. the republican party is lining up with the banks. we are fighting to reign in the worst excesses of the insurance industry that throws people off of insurance when they get sick and deprives people with preexisting conditions of insurance and raises premiums and they doubled in the last decade alone. they are standing with the insurance companies and they can talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, they don't do it. i'm happy to have that contest next november if the president chooses to run in 2012 and we will see who the real deal is when it comes to standing up for working people. >> what are about health care? you have fewer options. 59 senators now. seems like there is a possible root to passing a big bill before you have to retrieve it and go incrementally.
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one option might be, i heard about this and i will run it by you. optimistically, you get the house leadership and 218 votes for the senate bill with the clear proviso that this will be visited this spring with a reconciliation bill that united states it's the opportunity to address the concerns of the progressive democrats and others in the caucus. do it with two steps and walk away with a big win. is that possible? >> i'm not going to talk about the various possibilities because they are under discussion right now. obviously number members of speaking among themselves and with leaders about where they think they are. we are talking to them. here's what i believe. you have been around politics all your life. i think the worst possible outcome would be to walk away from this now. what exists right now is a caricature of this legislation. people don't understand what's in the bill. we will get the downside of
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having supported this and none of the upside of the reality of what it really is. if they pass this bill next november, every democratic candidate who supported it or republican who is come to their senses would be able to say i was the who made sure that people with preexisting conditions get covered and gave seniors more prescription protection. i extended the life of medicare and capped out of pocket expenses. there is a range of things that will become law. when the president signs this bill, not in four years, but immediately. if we don't pass it, it will live as a negative caricature in people's minds. terrible mistake. >> here's my advice. it's worth what i give you. it's free and maybe it's worth that. it seems to me this administration is perceived to be activists when it comes to government. progressive, if you will. it believes in positive
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government. the only question will be the same in november. the voters know about your administration. do you believe about getting things done for the country? the only question is open to the voters. not whether you are progressive or not, but whether you are successful or not. you might as well go for it. you might as well. great to have you on. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming on "hardball." does scott brown's victory mean health care reform is dead or can the democrats keep it alive? let's talk about it with the go former governor of vermont, howard dean that started this years ago. you are watching "hardball" only on msnbc.
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is geeingly help from a politician he helped turn into a star. sarah palin. mccain may be facing a tough
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challenge on the right and enlisted his former running mate to campaign with him this march. he has a campaign for rick perry, the guy who talks about taking texas out of the union. he is in a tough fight against u.s. senator kate bailey hutchinson. u.s. congressman michelle "hardball" returns after this.
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> does scott brown's victory mean health care reform is dead. nancy pelosi insisted it would pass still. let's listen. >> heeding the particular concerns of the voters of massachusetts last night, we heard, we will heed, we will move forward with their considerations in mind, but we will move forward. for health care reform. >> for the republicans emboldened by the massachusetts win are branding the democrats
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as arrogant by trying to push reform through. they are saying it's time to slow down. is there a way forward for health care reform. we have howard dean here, the former chairman of the democratic national committee and former governor of vermont. how do you win now? >> we might do better now with 60, it didn't do us very well. >> how do do you it? >> you can put an incremental bill through if the house votes for the senate bill. i think that's not likely. i don't see a senate bill passing with 59 votes. i don't see that unless you get so incremental you are not doing much. the other thing you can do is go to reconciliation which we should have done in the first place. senator conrad indicated he might be willing to do that. >> you think you get 50
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democrats to vote? >> had 51 since day one. >> like blanch lincoln? >> ben nelson and loond rue and you lose -- >> would you have 51 after what happened yesterday? >> yesterday the problem was that people wanted more. we did a poll, democracy for america did a poll and 18% who voted for scott brown voted for barack obama. three out of five wanted a public option. of the obama voters that stayed home, 80% wanted a public option. so the problem here -- >> there two facts on the table. the democratic candidate was for the public option. she was progressive and much more progressive than the president and stuck to the line i want an individual mandate and a public option. period. said it to the end and never broke. she took the position you are advocating and the other guy said i'm going to kill it and
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the voters voted for him. >> they added the option to kill it and they voted to kill it. >> they were sending a message to washington. they wanted change. we had a year of dealing with every interest group, the banks and the insurance companies. >> she ran for the public option. >> our polling shows -- >> she for the public option and got blown away. >> people who are for the public option -- >> they voted for the candidate. >> they wanted to send washington the message. >> how about voting for the candidate who supports this. wouldn't that have done it. >> you know voters as well as i do. >> vote for me. i'm more progressive than the president and they said no. the other guy said i'm voting to kill it. he called himself mr. 41. this candidate, scott brown, is walking around signing scott brown 41. i will be the 41 guy who votes for the filibuster.
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>> a lot of guys outside washington who don't think the bill ought to pass because it's watered down. >> not martha coakley. >> you are being silly, chris because you know what voters do. voters were sending a message to washington. we don't want business as usual. that's what they sent the message about. >> how do you know? >> we poled. merch research. >> people had a choice between a public option candidate and a no candidate. >> i just explained. you can't know what people do in the booth until you asked them women asked them overnight and found out of the obama supporter who is stayed home or voted for scott brown, they overwhelmingly wanted to do more on health care and not less. >> they were more progressive than the president. >> it's not a surprise. that's correct. >> on all the issues raised in the campaign, debt, taxes, the arrogance of power and the
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democratic power in massachusetts, where were the voter. >> they were upset by washington as usual dealing with special interests, writing a bill that was great for the insurance industry, not doing much about the bankers. >> that's your position. >> that's not my position. that's the voters of massachusetts. >> but they voted republican. you have been in the voting booth. would you have voted for scott brown? >> of course not. >> you would not have voted for the conservative republican because he is against health care. the votes are irrational and send smoke signalses when they are voting. they voted for a republican against health care to tell the country they want a progressive program. that's crazy. are they craty. are voters crazy? >> only crazy person around here. don't be silly. >> voters vote republican to express progressive values. i don't understand that.
12:19 am
>> not campaigning as a right wing republican. >> he said i will kill health care and subscribed to an older version of democratic liberalism. he pulled back the clock and said okay, i'm back there. he rode around in a truck and established himself against the big shots and the arrogance and it worked. i'm looking at the results. i'm not sharing them. i'm looking at them and you are not looking at them. suppose coakley won, you would say that's a victory for progressive democrats. >> i would say thank god, the right person won. >> if she wins that's a victory for your side and if she loses it's a victory. you said your side won because the polling. >> i haven't said anything. you took up all the air time in this interview. >> why do you believe the defeat meant people wanted a progressive bill? >> people sent a strong message they want strong leadership and real change and they don't want to accommodate the special interest. they think for the last year the
12:20 am
democrats accommodated special interest not just in health care, but the banking industry and the other areas as well. >> if you are scott brown and he's listed in the program, she learning from you what he ought to do is back the public option because people when they voted for him were secretly for the progressive position and not for him? are you saying that? >> you are being silly. you know they are not saying that? >> should he vote for a public option? >> let's be real. the public option is dead this year. >> would it be in his self option to vote for the public option? wouldn't it be? you said the polling showed people for the public option. >> i said this is silly. >> you are saying no matter who wins the election, your argument wins. >> we need a health care bill and we ought to continue. >> we might agree here. what's wrong with trying -- i
12:21 am
will try this with you. get the house democrats to pass the senate bill as a tactic and move on to a real reconciliation that addresses the concerns of progressives and others and get that passed and use reconciliation not to create the plan. you do that in this bill to fix the problems with it. what's wrong with that approach? >> i don't think there is anything wrong with it depending what the fix is. i think the progressives are going to be concerned about approximate. >> would they rather walk away with nothing? >> you necessary politics. how do you run and say i tried to do what i believe in, but i blew it. isn't it better to say i got most of what i wanted and i will try for more later? isn't that a better campaign? >> most of what the verdict in massachusetts was is that we would rather have no bill than what we've got. that's what the verdict in massachusetts was. >> they decided no bill. they voted for a guy who will
12:22 am
vote no. >> it's a strange interpretation you are lending. >> the polls are what they are and you are what you are. the 2,000 people we poled against you. >> this guy with the barn coat who said i will vote to kill the bill won, people who are against the bill won. >> that's true, but don't forget there a lot of people who are against the bill who are obama's core base. they voted against martha coakley. >> she was with you and she lost. she was with howard dean. >> yep, she lost. i didn't follow the campaign. >> she was exactly like you with the progressive public option. she said she was with that position and the voters said no, thank you. you have more charm and charisma. perhaps you could have done it. >> i would have been a carpet bagger. when i was running, we won our special interest. when i was a dnc chair. >> i will let you win there. howard dean. >> that i don't think so.
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>> we will start hearing more republicans take on democratic incumbents in the mid-terms with some of these business type guys with trucks and run against people. we are going to see and talk to people when we come back. some of these guys, we will talk about the head of recruitment. coming up. you are watching "hardball" with kevin mccarthy how they say it in massachusetts. back with "hardball." rint mobil. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. 154 are tracking shipments on a train. 33 are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access it's your blades pal ah man, i should have known. even the best blades get worn down. when that happens, it's not as comfortable, see? when the strip turns white you should think about changing it... for a smoother ride.
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yesterday's victory was a shot in the arm for republicans. what does it mean for the november mid-terms. kevin carthy is head of recruitment for the congressional committee joining us from capitol hill. how many scott browns you got? >> quite a few. we have quite a fleet. >> it means there three big
12:27 am
messages. the system works. the political system does work. you can be an underdog and come from a state where all 10 congressional districts elected democrats and scott came across. if you ever thought about a chance to be a part of this system and change it for what they think would be burden, this is the time to run. >> do you have a sense that the democratic senators are worried right now? you can smell which way they are. do you think people like spector and people are scared? >> not only the senate, but the congressional side. i heard it between members and watched it today and this morning talking to different democratic members. they were nervous and some of them saw it coming. some of them said you were right and others said where do we go from here? >> what do you make of the word
12:28 am
arrogance? i don't know if it's a talking point, but it seems to be true from my end. massachusetts politics i know and democrats had a problem of being too elite. the best academic credentials and thinking that those title you to the biggest jobs, lower level jobs and promotions. this is the first time a democrat hasn't moved up when moving for a higher office in years. they automatically kick them upstairs. is it arrogance and cultural, political, what kind of arrogance is it? your party has been using that word. >> the policy happening in washington, but the arrogance of chicago style politics. if you track the movement of senator-elect brown, he started moving in the poll when is the nebraska deal got cut. then you found in the medicare advantage deal. you had this whole idea of it being transparent and they
12:29 am
wouldn't let the cameras into the room. >> i have another take. i will tell you what i know from massachusetts. he moved up when he went on the air. really well done ads with john kennedy and the president who was a cent rift and his brother ted became. a typical middle of the road democrat. he was coming up for tax cuts which was a revolutionary idea and say this is a way to get rid of the deficits. doesn't that signal irony running for your party to run on the most popular press than reagan to be using jack kennedy to get elected as a republican. >> talking about tax cuts. i would argue that maybe this party is not where jack kennedy was back then. it's not the same democratic party today. he ran as an outsider and ran a party of the establishment. he was willing to campaign and roll out to fenway even if it's
12:30 am
cold and shake their hand and talk to them. he became a real person. the one thing about this election, this is an anti-incumbent year. this is anti-washington. you don't want to be a part of washington. you want to fix the problems. >> what is your favorite red sox pitcher? >> that would be curt schilling. >> he ought to be at this point. he is doing the job for your party. thank you, kevin carthy. congratulations. up next, scott brown's victory may be the sign of things to come in the mid-term this is november if republicans can win in massachusetts. perhaps they can make it anywhere. what this means for both parties as they say in massachusetts, parties. which are on the endangered list. who is in trouble for what happened yesterday. you are watching "hardball" on msnbc. (pipe woman) then you could treat yourself to a night out with fewer urges
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terrified haitians endured another strong aftershock around port-au-prince. the 4.9 quake caused seven weakened structures to collapse. the pentagon is diverting troops originally diverted to other deployments to haiti instead. they will assist relief operations by the end of the week. search and rescue teams are still pulling survivors from the rubble. new york city fire and rescue teams saved this boy trapped for more than a week in the ruins of his collapsed home. a winter storm warning is in wet weather drenching the region and moves into the mountains. mark sanford apologized for what he said in his final state of the state address and praised his wife for her grace in handling what he called the
12:35 am
storm of an affair with an argentine woman. back to "hardball." >> welcome back to "hardball." how many senate democrats should be worried by scott brown's victory. let's bring in strategists on both sides. republican todd harris. without using references, harry reid in nevada. blanch lincoln in arkansas. arlin specter from pennsylvania. evan bayh, patty mury in washington state. who is in trouble. who is your easiest ones to knock off. >> reed is in trouble and specter is in trouble. lincoln is in real trouble. when democrats start losing in
12:36 am
places like massachusetts, democrats start retiring in places like arkansas, nevada and other swing states. >> people of this caliber will quit rather than face a hellish nine months. >> reed will bring resources to bear. this will probably be the most expensive campaign in nevada history. i would be surprised if he did. he is very vulnerable. three republican challengers with very, very little name i.d. in nevada, all three beating him in head to heads. >> what does a democrat do? what's the message playing defense? watch what happened. they used the word arrogance a lot and wanted that to be the spin. >> one of the challenges is convincing voters they haven't gone washington and still understand the problems of average families. >> they want the players on local teams.
12:37 am
people are playing for groceries are having a hard time and people are getting squeezed. >> should they drive around in a barn coat? >> they have three republicans in nevada. by the time the primary is over, they will cut each other to ribbons. harry reid will have an open field to explain to folks what it is he has been doing and how he has been helping them and a lot of that has gotten lost because health care reform dominated all of the conversation. the pain season is about to start. they get it. >> what's easy for you guys? maybe they won't give it away. is it better if the democrats fight for a health care bill even through a senate and doing it with a reconciliation or if they chop it to pieces, the easier stuff with both parties. what's the smarter move to both
12:38 am
sides. the harder for you to hit. >> with all due respect to governor dean, i hope they do exactly what howard dean said on the show tonight. what happens in november will be largely determined by what lesson the democrats learn. if you listen to nancy pelosi, the lesson they are taking is we didn't go to the left enough. as if their problem in massachusetts was that they couldn't motivate the democratic face. the problem was that independents completely turned their backs on the democratic party. in a state like massachusetts maybe if you turned out your entire democratic face, you can, the gate have a venue, but in real swing states, if independents do in the rocky mountain states what they did last night in massachusetts, it will be a very, very ugly november. >> no question after watching
12:39 am
new jersey and virginia where independents went for republicans and the latest polling had martha coakley by 30 points, there is a real wake up call going for democrats and they understand that. we have to play a little bit of defense, but you have to play offense. there is not much enthusiasm for martha coakley among the democratic regulars. the liberal left -- she was progressive. >> and you guys won and she was for howard dean. >> for some reason she didn't connect with folks. obama went in with a 60% approval rating and came out with that. he couldn't motivate the base. you cannot be a democrat and win if you are disconnected from the base. you cannot be a democrat if you beat beat by 40 points. >> here's my question. if the democrats saw the tsunami coming and everyone knew, this guy was an attractive candidate and doing well, why didn't they
12:40 am
save the democratic candidate. bill clinton and the president asked them to do it and said it's important. >> we talked about this before. because there two ways to run. there is the left right and you can run on that axis. or inside outside. inside outside is more powerful. he ran as an outsider. >> they are appealing to democrats to vote for him. >> the base is disspirited and independents are mad as hell because they don't see a change in washington. state to look for over the next several weeks to see how this plays out is delaware. if there was one lesson for massachusetts, this whole idea that this was ted kennedy's seat in delaware and the biden seat, mike is a very, very strong candidate. for bo biden, his rational is this is the biden seat. >> who said he would do that? >> that's how the democrats are talking. >> no, no.
12:41 am
>> coming back from conservatives. >> i'm not saying he's not an honorable guy. >> we'll be right back. thank you. steve and todd. up next, who is to blame for the democrats' big defeat? martha coakley? health care, president obama? the national democrats? we will get to the blame game that is weirdly fun in this business. this is "hardball." ony ? ye ! ( cluck, cluck, cluck ) oh, wowww ! that's fun ! you didn't say could have a real one. well, you didn't ask. even kids know when it's wrong to hold out on somebody. why don't banks ? we're ally, a new bank that alerts you when your money could be worki harder d earning more. it's just the right thing to do.
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i think there a lot of people that bear responsibility for some aspect of what happened last night. >> as john kennedy once said, victory has a hundred fathers, defeat is an arfan. robert gibbs said there is lots of blame to go around. the finger-pointing is fierce. the president of now, the national organization for women. sam bennett is president of women's campaign forum. thank you both. this is a tough one. a lot of people thought i think there will be a lot more women in the senate overtime. i thought this was going to be one of them. >> me too. i'm glad she won and sorry she lost. this was a referendum on politics as usual. business as usual inside the beltway. i think there was a referendum on change that has not happened.
12:46 am
>> it's about washington and not massachusetts? >> absolutely. >> first i have to say we need a hell of a lot more women elected in this country. >> it's a classic opportunity. >> classic opportunity for that. >> two things happened here. number one, double standard. here opponent, nude male center fold gets a pass and martha coakley called an ice queen and if she was a guy, she would have been dignified. >> for she would have done the center fold? >> she wouldn't have been in the race. it would have been a deal killer for her. it's a double standard and happens all the time. >> it's a man bites dog aspect with the male center fold. let's face it. >> do you have any numbers on the women response? i said before, hillary won massachusetts in the primary. most voters are women. why didn't a woman candidate win? >> the thing it it doesn't mean
12:47 am
a woman is going to vote for a woman because she is say woman. >> even with the backlog of not having enough women? >> yes. the women have not made that connective tissue. the other thing was independent expenditure. i do not care how well run your race was, if millions comes down on your head when you don't have the band width to respond or the financial means to respond, you necessary trouble. >> would you two years from now run martha coakley for legislation? >> without hesitation. >> absolutely. she's qualified and a great candidate. >> you would have a rematch? >> absolutely. >> how would you run the campaign differently? >> we will raise more money and make sure you have got something. look in the mirror first. where were you when she was 30 points ahead? she was 30 points ahead in the polls. >> she took vacation at christmas and a couple weeks off before the general election.
12:48 am
was that smart? i'm going after what's his name. that guy who will be mad at me. the guy in connecticut. he cook a vacation. why do these democrats take vacations after winning primaries? >> michelle said it best last night. the primary is not the election. you can't confusion the two. the bottom line is, she wasn't a perfect candidate, but she was a terrific candidate and qualified. double standard. >> you shouldn't need a perfect candidate if you are qualified. you come in with an edge. >> not anymore. you have more independents. people are beginning not to trust the democrats. they ran on a program of change in 2008. that's what people voted for and that's what they are not getting. >> are you for all woman candidates? >> nonpartisan.
12:49 am
>> the attorney general in new hampshi hampshire? >> absolutely not. she is opposed to women's rights. but nonpartisan. if i can find a republican to stand up to the republicans -- >> she pro choice, right? >> she is not good on the issues. >> thank you. you heard it here. pronounce that name? >> a good irish name. >> president obama's first year ended badly. what's in store this year? we have a few more minutes of "hardball" tonight. it's an interesting morning. only on msnbc. here, kitty! here, kitty!
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president obama has been in office for exactly one year. the republicans will soon have 41 senate votes. what's in store for your number two? joan walsh is editor in chief. seems to me there is a comparison between the vote yesterday in massachusetts and the one in pennsylvania when harris knocked off richard thorn berg in 91. is this as much of an indicator of where we are headed? >> you know, i'm not sure it is. i do want to say i spent the last week saying martha coakley
12:54 am
ran a bad campaign, but we have to look at what it means for democrats. the first thing it means is president obama has simply not led. he let the republicans run this health care agenda and people want to blame harry reid and nancy pelosi. he turned it over and gave republicans the marching orders and gave them rope to hang in and that's what they did. they are still talking about this a year after his inauguration. >> he has been ineffective? >> on this. >> he has been ineffective progressive. >> don't set me off today, chris. you are feisty and i'm feisty. that's the thing i will say. this is garbage that he bowed to his left. this is a corporate bill with corporate giveaways and the left is missed about it. i will finish howard dean's sentence. more thing. howard dean was trying to say i don't agree with him on everything. martha coakley lost because no one cares she is for the public option. that is dead and gone.
12:55 am
the president didn't fight for it. the idea he went too far to the left is factually wrong. >> i am asking whether martha coakley was the progressive candidate and asked what she stood for. it's what you would have had had you been a candidate. i wonder why it didn't signal a lack of position for the candidate. i'm trying to learn here. >> i disagree. i would have been in a truck and would not have gone on vacation and find it problematic that she didn't. i think she was saddled with the fact that this bill is a done deal. the other thing that's important in massachusetts is that the president did cut a deal with ben nelson that penalized progressive states like massachusetts. i heard this from progressive friends zeechl great health care and it's got problems, but we paid the money to do something progressive and you sell out to
12:56 am
ben nelson in nebraska? one of the least progressive states in the union. there is a progressive narrative here. paw paw you might hear a different message, but i will not give their message. let them give it. what's the difference between what happened yesterday and what will happen in november. is this a big trouble for the democrats if they run and talk like coakley and conditions are like they are now. >> i don't know that we knew press and what it wound up doing. it's like 1993 and ron lewis in kentucky wins a special election. we look back after 94 and say obviously he was a ringer of things to come. the one thing that is worrisome if you are a democrat, it's not certain that this is going to happen. independents in virginia moved away from the democratic candidate. i'm talking about the governor's races in 2009. it moved away from the
12:57 am
democratic candidate. we don't have exit polling here, but i talked to a lot of people who were polling privately for the two. round one overwhelm knowledge among independents. that is a problem that has to be addressed. they got by by saying the president is very popular with independents. maybe, but his policies are not. it's a huge problem if it continues. joan is right. if it continues, i don't think we can say yes today this means that democrats are going to lose the house or lose of 10 seats in the senate. we are not there yet, but it's not a good sign if you are a strategist or elected member. >> would you run martha coakley in two years against scott brown? >> not unless she changed her approach to politics. she needed to be much more people centric and she needed to hear. here's the thing, chris. obama, i was listening to david axle rod and it was annoying me. >> i'm out of time, i'm sorry. we will have you back again and
12:58 am
again. thank you so much. join us again tomorrow night at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern. countdown with keith olbermann starts now. >> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? now what? the president this afternoon. >> the senate shouldn't try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. the people of massachusetts spoke. he's got to be part of the process. >> yet the press secretary earlier this evening -- >> one of the options on the table is having what's already passed the senate go through the house. >> wouldn't that exclude the senator-elect? >> i really didn't know how to answer that. >> better figure something out. scott brown's dodging new realty. reelection in less than 34 months. can he be moderate in a liberal state without offending the tea
12:59 am
bag base? they call all criticism lies. without offering a single reputation. i will provide the evidence that is all true. aftershock, a 5.9 aftershock in haiti and two more recovered alive. the gid mow suicides and amnesty international calls for an investigation. our guest, the seat on hall professor who began the unmasking of the cover up. in the beginning of his 2nd year in office, his approval rate suggest 56%. dramatic decline from last month when it was 56%? so there isn't a slump? back to senator-elect brown after the embarrassment with his daughters last night. which commentator said i want a chastity belt on this man. i want his every move watched in washington. i don't trust this guy. this one could end with a dead intern. it's the


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